Trend Fashion Fair


lushish catz

The Trend Fashion Fair kicks off tomorrow (Aug 1st), they have some awesome stuff by some great up and coming designers and designers that we all know and love. You need to go check it out!

Hair: Damselfly – Gunner
Facial Hair: CheerNo – FacialHair II Dark_A #3

Vest&Shirt: Lushish Catz – Aztec Blues (Trend Fashion Fair)
Jeans: Lushish Catz – Aztec Blues Straight Jeans (Trend Fashion Fair)


Trend Fashion Fair Countdown


4days - Countdown


The Trend Fashion Fair starts in 4 days, and I am one of the lucky ones who has been chosen to show you lovely people just what it has to offer.

Watch this space in the next couple of days to see what goodies you can grab from this fantastic event! 

One More Day


Tell Her


So all this awesome new stuff has been coming out, and between Kal Rau, Chronokit, Unorthodox and Damselfly, I am one broke mudda fukka! 
The Vens fom BLK are completely customisable and totally awesome!

Hair: Damselfly – Carter (Project Limited) **NEW**
Hairbase: Unorthodox – Fizz (Hair Fair) **NEW**
Facial hair: Unorthodox – Born Sinner INWORLD

Shirt: Chronokit – Poloshirts01 **NEW** INWORLD
Jeans: Kal Rau – Casual Jeans M5 **NEW** INWORLD
Shoes: BLK – Vens **newish** INWORLD


You’ll Never Walk Alone




So football season is almost upon us, and since my boys (LFC) are currently touring the USA I thought it was appropriate to blog this awesome new football shirt from Patriotic Series. 
I can never find decent mesh football shirts in SL, so this is a real treat for me.

Hair: Damselfly – Seth INWORLD
Beard: Unorthodox – Nappy INWORLD

Shirt: Patriotic Series – Liverpool 2014 MARKETPLACE
Jeans: BLK – Low-Slim Baggy STD INWORLD
Shoes: Flite – Masters Red (Project Limited)

Belt: BLK Low-Slim Belt INWORLD
Football: Millo Copperfield – Soccer Ball MARKETPLACE




Slowly Drifting



slowly drifting

A new release from Damselfly at Project Limited. I am really loving Damselfly’s new range of mesh hair – they have come a real long way in the past few months and I have to buy every new release, haha.

Ears: Mandala – Taper ears INWORLD
Piercings: Mandala – Okaki INWORLD
Beard: Unorthodox – Siete Goatee v2 INWORLD
Tattoo: Xtrem Style – Time of life

Shirt: Ronsem – T-side slit **NEW** INWORLD
Shorts: LikeA – Denim blue bkh503 cargo (Mens Dept July)
Shoes: Flite – Reckless Chukkas (kustom9 june)
Hat&Hair: Damselfly – Finn (Project Limited)


Dirty Dozen


Drop   -Body-
Hair: Damselfly – Jasper
Hairbase: Unorthadox – S/part “slicked”
Beard: Unorthadox – Siete T Goatee v2

Tshirt: D R O P – Male Marin Tee
Shorts: Gabriel – Half Denim Pants
Shoes: FLITE – Masters (Project limited)